This desktop background is the second user interface that we’ve developed. It should help demonstrate a few of the different features that we have implemented in the new version of Okozo Desktop.

This user interface displays the time, date and system information as well as providing the ability to customize information from an RSS feed and keep you up-to-date on the latest weather.

The wallpaper allows you to customize both the image and location of the ‘Program’ and ‘Sites’ shortcuts through the settings area. The icon sizes are 52×52. Glaskart Icons by Max Rudberg.

To alter any settings, hover the cursor over the top-right corner of the desktop background until the cog becomes highlighted. Click the cog when highlighted and change the settings in the appropriate tabs.

It is possible to Copy/Paste into Okozo Desktop (as well as copy data from Okozo Desktop). Simply highlight the text your are wanting to copy, or click in the box you are wanting to paste into, and then hold Ctrl+Shift+c/v.

Before Dawn UI

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